Underwater Inspection Services
Commercial Diving
Underwater Inspection Services provides commercial diving services in the air diving range. All projects are carried out in accordance with current legislation under the HSA (Republic of Ireland) and Health & Safety Executive (UK).
Our highly portable surface supplied diving spread is quickly mobilised and is ideal for inspection, fishfarm diving and light underwater construction work. Commercial scuba with communications is also used where appropriate. Underwater video  survey and inspection can be carried out using our CCTV video system which provides a live feed to a display at the surface control panel where it can be viewed in real time by a client or engineer. A hard copy of surveys can be provided for detailed review.
We have wide-ranging  experience in the commercial diving industry having operated in; Angola, Congo, Gabon, Spain, Scotland,Canada, Ireland and the Norwegian, Danish and UK sectors of the North Sea.  
In addition to providing underwater inspection, cleaning and maintenance, safety divers can be provided for media diving work. 

Contact us  info@underwaterinspectionservices.com

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